SAC Donates to ASHoF September 18, 2014

Prestigious Aurora Private School announces Charter Donation to the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame

Aurora, ON, August 30th, 2014

St. Andrew’s College announced today that it is donating funds in support of the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame. The Charter donation matches the donation the Town of Aurora made in June of this year and will be used to support the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame display and outreach activities. The temporary location of the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame is in the Aurora Town Hall.

“St. Andrew’s has shown once again how they support worthwhile Community efforts such as the Sports Hall of Fame,” said Nancy Black, Chair of the Cornerstone Committee. “St. Andrew’s not only has a long history of contribution to the Community, but they also recognize the importance that sport plays in the development of their students and Aurora,” she continued. “This St. Andrew’s donation will help us maintain and build the collection within the Sport Hall for all Aurorans and visitors to enjoy,” she concluded.

Charter Donors to the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame are those who donate to the Hall of Fame in the first year of its operation explained Ron Weese, Chair of the Board of Governors. “We appreciate and value those in Town who recognize how hard it is to build a Hall of Fame from scratch”, he said. “Charter Donors will be recognized in the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame in perpetuity and will be guests at every Inaugural Dinner”, he explained. “It is our intention to thank them and recognize them as builders of this important sport and cultural facility,” he concluded.

Charter donations will be recruited and accepted until October 31st of 2014 and all inquiries are welcomed.

Nancy Black, Project Manager
Aurora Sport Hall of Fame