David “Dave” Gardner

Hockey, Canada & United States

This showcase of memorabilia related to Dave’s NHL career was given to him on his 50th birthday by teammates from a recreation hockey league. It typically hangs on the wall of Aurora’s Tom & Jerrys restaurant. Dave describes the contents as having his, “whole NHL history in it – except for Philly because I wasn’t there long enough. The puck is from my first NHL goal, which I scored against Bobby Taylor of the Philadelphia Flyers.”


Object #

Wooden frame with multiple items from Dave’s NHL career, including a puck and piece of a net from his first NHL goal, six hockey cards and 6 images. The items are enclosed in a shadow box style frame and there is an NHL logo on the matting at the bottom.

71 cm (H) x 97 cm (W)

Wood, glass and plastic


Celebrating the accomplishments of those who live, work and play in Aurora is an important function.