Sports Equipment

Mike Palmateer


Palmateer began wearing this chest protector and shoulder/arm pads in 1970 when he was with the Toronto Marlboros Juvenile team. He continued to wear the chest protector until the end of his NHL career in 1984. He wore the shoulder/arm pads until 1978. When Palmateer played in the 2017 Centennial Classic Alumni Game he wore both pieces. To say pieces have been mended and modified by Palmateer would be an understatement, he recalls:

“After multiple fractured ribs and collarbones I was constantly adding pieces. The chest protector would always slide down so I added an additional piece to protect my neck and collar bone. The thing still slid down but at least it was something. I was constantly stitching in new padding to both pieces to help with the impact from the puck. I also added some plastic flaps on the arm protector to protect my wrists.”


Object #

These two separate pieces of protective wear would have been worn together with the chest protector going on first. The chest protector has a large piece of beige fabric that extends the entire torso and is stuffed with lightweight stuffing. There is a large square piece of fabric stitched on to the front of it that has a large hand drawn target symbol. The chest protector is held into place with fabric straps and metal clasps at the back.

The shoulder/arm pad sits on top of the chest protector and cover both arms, shoulders and collarbone area. The shoulder sections have a moulded piece of plastic for added protection. Additional pieces of plastic have been stitched into the forearm and wrist area. The number “29” is hand written on the left arm. Both pieces of equipment are very worn and fragile.

Chest Protector: 58.7 (l) x 57.2 (w) x 6.8 (d) Shoulder Pads: 59 (l) x 62 (w) x 11.8 (d)

Chest Protector: foam, felt, knit/woven fabric Shoulder Pads: plastic, foam and unknown knit/woven fabric


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