Travis Romagnoli

Gymnastics, Illinois, USA

The Big Ten Medal of Honour was awarded to Travis in 2000 when he was a student at the University of Illinois. This is one of the highest awards in American college athletics and is awarded to student athletes who attain the greatest proficiency in both academics and athletics. It was first awarded in 1915 and recognizes a high degree of distinction in student athletes. As a student on a full scholarship, Travis felt a supreme responsibility to be a good athlete and a good student, he recalls:

“This award is a reminder of everything I went through as an athlete and of all the help I received along the way.”


Object #

Gold coloured two-sided metal. The front reads, “Travis Romagnoli for Scholarship and Athletic Prowess.” The reverse side shows a figure of a man, reading while in an upright bent position with his foot atop of a rock and his knee is supporting a hand that is holding an open book. There is what appears to be a Latin inscription beside the male figure.

Diameter: 7.5cm / Thickness: 0.6cm



Integrity and honesty is the foundation of success in both sport and life.