Travis Romagnoli

Gymnastics, Edmonton, Alberta

From a young age, Travis showed tremendous talent as a multi-sport athlete. After deciding to focus exclusively on gymnastics, he saw near immediate success; at the 1989 Tyro National Championships, Travis won Gold All-Around, setting the record for highest score earning 111.5 out of a possible 120 points. In recognition of his accomplishments, Travis was awarded the Aurora Civic Award later that year. While reflecting on this competition, Travis recalls, “I was 12 years old at the time. This was my first national competition and my first exposure to long distance travel.”


Object #
SH2019.4.1; SH2019.4.2

Wood and silver/blue metal plaque (SH2019.4.1) that reads, “National Championships, May 18 – 21, Edmonton, Men’s Tyro Champion.” Gold coloured medal (SH2019.4.2) in the shape of a shield attached to a red, white and blue ribbon that features the Town of Aurora crest and reads, “Sol Meus Testis, Town of Aurora, Civic Award.”

Award: 19.6cm (L) x 11.5cm-5cm (W) x 2cm thick Certificate: digital file

Award: Wood and metal Medal: 5cm (H) 4cm (W)


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