Accreditation Passes

James “Jim” Clark

Golf, Ontario

Jim began volunteering for the Canadian Open in 1984 and has not missed being involved in one since. These accreditation passes for Canadian Open officials were created thirty years apart; Jim explains how they exemplify changes within the Canadian Open:

“This is a perfect illustration of how the Canadian Open has changed over my 35 years. The security and controls of access are fairly strict now and were non-existent in the early years. The presentation of the event is now a big, world-class sporting event that competes for audience and spectator attention with many other sporting events and other distractions. These badges show the evolution quite dramatically.”


Object #
SH2019.2.1, SH2019.2.2

Two accreditation passes from the Canadian Open. The first (SH2019.2.1) is red, gold and white and reads “1986 Canadian Open, Tournament Committee, Jim Clark, Caddies/Juniors.” The second (SH2019.2.2) is blue and white and features symbols down the left side and logos along the bottom. It reads, “Canadian Open 2016, Jim Clark, Tournament Chair”

1986 Accreditation Pass: 7.7cm (H) x 5.5cm (W), 2016 Accreditation Pass: 12.6cm (H) x 8.3cm (W)

Plastic, metal, ribbon


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