Photograph, Apparel, and Accreditation Pass

Reginald “Reg” Chappell

Swimming, London, United Kingdom

In 2011, Reg was asked to coach Summer Mortimer as a swimmer in the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. With Reg as her coach, Mortimer won two gold, a silver, and a bronze metal at the games. She also set three world and five Canadian Paralympic records. When speaking about the Team Canada uniform Reg recalls:

“We were given a hockey bag and a backpack full of Team Canada clothes. Plus a list of what to wear on each day of the Games and pictures of some of the uniforms. Our accreditation passes had to be worn absolutely everywhere.”


Object #
SH2019.1.4, SH2019.1.5, SH2019.1.6

Photograph of Reg standing with Summer Mortimer who is wearing all of her Olympic medals, including two gold, one silver and one bronze. Reg is wearing a black and white golf shirt with a red maple leaf on if that is part of the Team Canada uniform. He is also wearing his accreditation pass.

Digital Files. 73cm x 73cm, 18.1cm x 11.9cm

Digital Files, Blend, Paper and Plastic


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