Reginald “Reg” Chappell

Swimming, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Following the 2012 Paralympic Games, Reg was asked to coach Nydia Langill at several national meets including the Paralympic trials where she landed a spot on the 2016 Paralympic Team. Reg explains the events captured in these photographs:
“In the first photo Nydia and I are waiting for the start of her Olympic trial race which resulted in her making the 2016 Paralympic Team that went to Rio. In the second picture we are showing her Paralympic ring following the ceremony that introduced the Olympic and Paralympic teams in Ottawa.”



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SH2019.1.11, SH2019.1.12

Two images of Reg and Nydia. The first (SH2019.1.11) shows Nydia on the deck with Reg behind her waiting for the start of the Olympic trial race. The second (SH2019.1.12) shows Reg and Nydia standing with Nydia’s hand outstretched revealing her Paralympic ring.

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