Reginald “Reg” Chappell

Swimming, Aurora, Ontario

In 1993, Reg Chappell founded the Aurora Swim Club, which was later renamed Ducks was Swimming. Reg explains the reasons behind the change in name and branding:

“The Mighty Ducks logo was drawn by a young artist and shortly afterwards we were told by a Disney Employee that we couldn’t use “Mighty Ducks.” I then decided on the Aurora Swim Club logo and later we landed on Ducks Swimming.”


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Three graphic logos of varying colour and design. The first shows a white cartoon duck flexing its muscles while sitting on a white wave and reads, “Mighty Ducks Aurora.” The second has a large yellow capital A with a white cartoon duck coming through the empty space in the letter and reads, “Aurora Swim Club.” The third has a large cartoon yellow duck face and underneath it reads, “Ducks Swimming.”

Digital Files

Digital Files


Appropriate display of sport memorabilia evokes a strong personal attachment to the past.