Sports Equipment

Mike Palmateer

Hockey, Toronto, Canada

Palmateer had this mask custom made for his appearance in the 2017 Toronto Maple Leafs Centennial Classic Alumni Game. The mask was made in the same style as the one he wore when first played with the Leafs in the 1970s. When talking about the construction, Palmateer says “The mask was made of fibreglass and moulded to my face- there was zero padding!”

To see a picture of Palmateer wearing the mask please see artifact SH2017.4.21.


Object #

The blue and white face mask has a blue maple leaf painted on the left cheek. On the left side, above and to the right of the maple leaf, there is a decorative blue section with the number “29” in white. On the forehead is another blue maple leaf but this one has the number “100” inside of it in white. On the back piece is another blue maple leaf with the number “50” inside of it in white. The mask has large cut outs for the eyes, and two slits for the nose and mouth. The back piece is attached to the front with four pieces of a thick, fabric covered, elasticized band.

26cm (l) x 19.2cm (w) x 19.7cm (d)

Fibreglass, knit, elastic


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