Bob Wall


This contract was signed by Wall when he was drafted to the newly established Los Angeles Kings in 1967. Wall recalls the signing of the contract and details surrounding the salary amount:

“The total for the three years was supposed to be $62,000. When the contract was made out, it stated $18,000 for the first year, $21,000 for the second and $23,000 for the third. The bottom said $52,000 and I thought – that’s not right it should say $62,000 so we scratched it out and initialled it right there for the correct amount. Clance Campbell was the league president and he passed away not long after I signed this. Having his signature makes it very special. This is the only contract where I got to keep the original copy.”


Object #

A cream coloured contract with black and red printed text. There is a stamp in the upper left corner of the contract and a signature in blue ink towards the bottom.


Digital property


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