Bob Wall

Hockey, Los Angeles, California

This replica jersey was given to Wall by the L.A. Kings when they commemorated their 50th anniversary in 2016. Bob remembers the day he received it:

“They took us (the veteran team members) into the King’s dressing room. When we walked into the dressing room everything was ready for game day- all pristine and hung up. There were name tags above each player’s stall and the first thing I saw was Jiggs McDonald, our old broadcaster, then I saw Bob Wall above a stall and thought Oh my God! I went over to the stall and looked at the front of the sweater, I turned it around and on the back of it my name was there. On the centre of the dressing room floor was the original logo. We all posed for a picture and it was incredibly special for all of us.”

To see a picture of Wall wearing the original jersey please see artifact SH2017.3.6.


Object #

Jersey looks to be purple, yellow, and white, however; the colours are officially known as Forum Blue and Forum Gold. There is a large crown on the front in the same colours. Forum Blue is the base colour of the jersey. The letter “C” is on the front, in Forum Yellow, directly above the crown on the right side. The number “2” is on both sleeves, in Forum Yellow, just below the shoulders. On the back of the jersey “Wall” is embroidered with a large number “2” underneath it. Both are in Forum Yellow.

90cm (l) x 66cm (w)

Blend of synthetic fibres


Recognition of past sport accomplishments is inspiring for those who participate in the present and in the future.