Accreditation pass

Dan Thompson

Swimming, Edmonton, Canada

Accreditation pass worn by Thompson during the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Alberta. When reflecting on the pass, specifically the photo, Thompson recalls, “I had these photo gray glasses that for some reason stayed dark all the time. Each accreditation brings back memories.”

To see one of the medals won by Thompson during the 1978 Commonwealth Games please see artifact SH2017.2.24.


Object #

The pass has a green background, is a rectangle shape and has two holes punched in the top. Through these holes there is a long cord meant to be worn around a person’s neck. There is a black and white image of Thompson in the top right corner and a variety of cream coloured squares and rectangles that contain black text. Thompson’s signature is near the bottom in blue ink.

12.3cm (l) x 8.7cm (h)

Paper, plastic and cord


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