Dan Thompson

Swimming, Edmonton, Canada

During the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Thompson brought home gold in the 100m butterfly and the 100m medley relay. The medal pictured is from the 100m medley relay, the team consisted of Bill Sawchuk, Graham Smith, Jay Tapp and Dan Thompson. When speaking about the event Thompson says, “We beat the mighty Australian team in this event. A huge win for Canada as it was the last race of the games. This meant we won more Gold during the Commonwealth games in swimming for the first time ever.”


Object #

A gold ribbon attached to a red ribbon. The medal is round, on the front there is a decorative chain motif along the perimeter along with a crown. The front of the medal reads “1978 XI Commonwealth Games Edmonton Canada”. On the reverse side the medal has an image of Canada and reads “Dan Thompson Men’s 4x100 Medley Relay”.

Medal: 6.5cm (l) x 6.5cm (w) Ribbon: 40 cm (l) x 2.5 cm (w)

Gold, woven ribbon


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