William James Fleury

Cricket, United Kingdom

This postcard features the Toronto Zingari, also known as the Canadian XI, in uniform with their competitors, the Gentlemen of Liverpool. Fleury appears in the second row, directly in the centre. The image was taken during the team’s 1910 tour of the United Kingdom. The match against the Gentlemen of Liverpool was the first of the tour and took place on June 30th and July 1st at the Aigburth Cricket Ground. Out of the fifteen matches that were played during the tour the Canadian Team only lost three – the match against the Gentlemen of Liverpool was one of them.

To see Fleury’s uniform please see artifact SH2017.1.1 and SH2017.1.2.


Object #

Paper postcard with a black and white team photo and black printed text above and below the image. The text gives the names of all the men in the photograph.

9 cm (l) x 14 cm (w)



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